Sauna Room Accessories

We have a large range of accessories in stock for your sauna including buckets, ladles, thermometers/hygrometers, fragrances and sauna proof lighting options which can be purchased individually or alternatively we offer the following complete packages:

The TyloHelo Classic Accessories Range

1. The TyloHelo Classic Range

  • Classic Cedar Bucket
  • Classic Ladle
  • Classic Birch Thermometer
  • Classic Hourglass Birch
  • 50ml Fragrance

The TyloHelo classic range is $399.00

Steam Room Accessories

We have a large range of accessories for every steam requirement including:

  • Steam room lights that are safe and steam proof including rotating coloured fibre optic
  • Steam room fragrances that add an aromatherapy experience to steam bathing
  • Steam room speakers

We also supply all heaters, sauna stones, sauna doors, heater guards, accessories and vents etc for those wishing to construct their own sauna. Our advice is also free and guaranteed to help you create a better sauna.

We provide warranties on all TyloHelo equipment and rooms/showers we construct. We also provide a full back up service to give you peace of mind. We stock a full range of spare parts for all TyloHelo equipment, supplied and delivered Australia wide.

To find out more about any sauna and steam room accessories, equipment, spare parts or service requirements, call us on 1300 887 771 or send an email.