Sauna Heaters

We have a large selection of electric sauna heaters which provide an ideal heater for every use. We supply Compact, right through to Mega Super 10Kw for home use and a full range of commercial heaters and controls.

We also provide traditional wood burning heaters and chimney kits. TyloHelo heaters are the pinnacle of sauna technology with fully programmable and energy saving controls.

The traditional sauna heater creates a high room temperature with very low humidity.

Sense Combi Steam Sauna Heater

The Combi steam sauna heater is the new experience in sauna bathing. The Combi has a steam tank integrated into a traditional sauna unit. This heater features electronic controls allowing you to select the temperature and the humidity of your choice.

With a Combi, you can create the softness of clouds of humidity in your sauna room or with the click of a switch revert to a traditional sauna and those very high temperatures and low humidity. The choice is yours.

Don't hesitate to contact us and discuss your particular requirements. Call on 1300 887 771 or send an email and we'll be happy to advise you on which sauna heater model would be best suited to you.